#11 – Career Change Guide: Your Valuable Cultural Values in Your Career

An important consideration while changing careers is the place of cultural values. From Career Change Guide:

Our culture and our cultural values influence how we relate to others, our outlook on life, and our priorities. Where we work has a culture of its own, and it is important that we feel comfortable with the cultural values of our workplace. Understanding your own culture and that of where you would like to work can help you make good career change choices.

Career Change Guide, a career change book by Mike Schoettle
Career Change Guide, a career change book by Mike Schoettle

Career Change Guide: Cultural Values at Work

Peoples’ personal culture begins early in life and results from relationships with their family and the community in which they grew up. This includes the parent’s social-economic status, behaviors, and their attitudes about many aspects of their lives. Their community’s norms, customs, and ethnicity also affect their values.

When we share the same cultural values of those with whom we work, we trust them and they trust us. We communicate well with each other. 

Working in a place with cultural diversity can help us grow and expand our sensitivity to others and help us grow. However, it is our common core values that bind us and help us be productive together, no matter how many cultures are represented in our work team.

Read Career Change Guide for more details and for helpful recommended actions to fully understand your own cultural values and how important they are for your career change and in beginning a new career.

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