#14 – How to Change Careers: What Success Can You Contribute?

What is important to you with your work, what are you trying to accomplish, and whom or what are you trying to benefit? These are good questions when you are figuring out how to change careers.

How to begin a new career, from Career Change Guide, a Career Change book by Michael Schoettle
How to change careers successfully, at any age, at any level, from Career Change Guide, a Career Change book by Michael Schoettle

How to Change Careers: What’s Really Important

In all cases people feel best about their work when it helps give their life meaning. If you ask successful elderly people what they feel best about in their work, they will invariably remember a contribution they made with or for others and their relationships with whom they worked. Almost never will they consider being important, having made a lot of money, or having high status. This is a key idea to think about as you focus on how to change careers.

Some companies ask you, “What can you contribute to this company?” or “What can you contribute to the team?” And that’s a fair question. But as you work through how to change careers, you must also ask yourself, “What do I want to contribute? Who or what do I want to contribute to?”

We all contribute at work in a variety of ways. No two people have the same feelings about the contribution that they want their work to make. For some, helping those with whom they work directly will be their focus. For others, assisting in the mission of the enterprise may be the most important. Still others will experience satisfaction simply with what they are doing.

What is important to you with your work? Do you think in terms of what you can do to benefit your clients, customers, or something else? If you have not considered this in the past, do so now. You will be amazed how much better you will feel about yourself if you see yourself as benefiting others.

Think about these things as you figure out how to change careers.

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