#15 – Career Change Books Help You Exploit Your Core Business Interests

What do you want to do in your new career and new job? Maybe it’s time to review all your options so you can better understand yourself and how you’ll feel good about what you’re doing in your new career. This is one of the things this career change book helps you to do.

Career Change Guide, a career change book by Mike Schoettle
Career Change Guide, a career change book by Mike Schoettle

Core Business Interests: A Tiny Sample from the Career Change Book Career Change Guide

Another way of gaining greater understanding about what you most like to do at work is to identify what aspects of work feel best to you. How would you feel about applying technology, doing quantitative analysis, counseling or mentoring, managing people or resources, or managing and influencing by advising or negotiating?

Are you more interested in…

Application of Expertise:
Application of Technology or Quantitative Analysis
Theory Development / Conceptual Thinking
or Creative Production

Working with People:
Counseling and Mentoring
or Managing People and Relationships

Control and Influence:
Enterprise Control
or Influence through Language and Ideas

Career Change Guide provides a complete table of Core Business Interests with five or so interests within each of these categories. Identifying the ones of interest to you could help you find your next job and put you on the right career path for you. Career Change Guide is a career change book designed to help you answer these and other important questions. If you give the questions in the book serious thought and follow the recommended actions, you’ll enter a new career that will help you feel better about yourself and feel good about what you do.

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