#16 – How to Change Career: Powerful Career Change Books Exercise

If you are puzzled about what kind of work you want to do, here’s an idea that could help you figure out how to change career successfully. 

How to begin a new career, from Career Change Guide, a Career Change book by Michael Schoettle
How to change careers, from Career Change Guide, one of the best career change books by Michael Schoettle

What do you want to do, and why that?

While teaching and coaching MBAs at Loyola Marymount University, I had the students write what felt good about doing at the end of each day, and write what they did not feel good about doing. They reviewed what they had written after 10 days. Almost all of them felt they learned something new about themselves.

How to Change Career Successfully at Any Age

This exercise helps you figure out what you want to do, and why that. This is an important step in learning how to change careers successfully.

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