#20 – How To use this Free Career Change Resume Template

How will you update your résumé for your successful career change?

First, use the free career change resume template from Career Change Guide. This career change resume template works. It works especially well in combination with the rest of the advice in Career Change Guide.

Free Career Change Résumé Template: It Works

Free Career Change Resume Template - one of many free career change resources - Career Change Guide, a career change book by Michael Schoettle
Free Career Change Résumé TemplateCareer Change Guide, a career change book by Michael Schoettle

State your accomplishments. Not activities, for they have little meaning and distract from accomplishments. Also, a long list of what you can do well lacks credibility.

Look at your résumé and eliminate extraneous words.

Potential employers will want to know your capabilities and what you have accomplished to date. Your resume should state these in simple and direct terms without any adjectives or qualifiers.

Put a lot of effort into preparing your resume. A well-done resume will help potential employers get a sense of what you could do for them and how you would fit into their organization.

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