#5 – Career Change Guide: Quick Career Change Videos

Are you figuring out how to change careers? Check out my career change videos.

I wrote the career change book Career Change Guide, to help people who want to change careers. My experience as an Executive Recruiter taught me that successful and happy career change requires serious thought and effort. I’ve outlined the steps in the career change book.

I encourage you to check out my career change videos. My first career change video is a 12-minute discussion about Career Change Guide. It covers the main points of the book and explores those main stages of career change.

12 minutes: The Full Career Change Guide Interview

Free Career Change Resources - Videos - Career Change Guide, a career change book by Michael Schoettle
Free Videos – Career Change Guide, a career change book by Michael Schoettle

Career Change Gold: Short Career Change Videos Snippets

If you want to start with something shorter, there are also 1-2 minute videos. These are all on my YouTube Channel, and are linked here from the career change website. These shorter career change videos cover resumes, networking, and interviewing for career change.

2 minutes: Why Mike wrote Career Change Guide

2 minutes: Networking for Career Change

2 minutes: Resumes for Changing Careers

2 minutes: Interviewing while Changing Careers

There’s also a 2 minute video about what I learned from my involvement with the Olympics over 40 years.

2 minutes: Mike’s Olympic Experience

Keep reading my blog for portions of the career change tips from my book, Career Change Guide. Check out Career Change Guide on Amazon for yourself or someone you know to get all my career changing advice. And check out this website for free career change resources, career change videos, and a career change resume template.