Are you unhappy with work?

If you are unhappy with work, consider your options carefully. If the problem is the work you are doing and you have a good relationship with your boss, ask him/her and see if some changes could be made. Otherwise, quietly look around. If you do not find any interesting opportunities, then plan to leave.

By continuing to work where you are, you will keep your income while looking around. On the other hand, by leaving and then searching, you can be open about your search, able to contact more people, and get visibility for more opportunities.

Since doing a job search well requires and lot of thought and planning, you could do the search preparation before leaving your employer and continue your pay for a while. Then resign.

If you can, arrange to be laid off, you might be able to receive severance benefits. These could include unused vacation pay, continued salary, and benefits for a period plus government benefits.

These ideas are from the book I wrote, CAREER CHANGE GUIDE, to help you find your own way. If you’re unhappy with work, my book helps you find a job and career path where you will be happier. The book guides you through a self-analysis and a successful career change.

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