Career Change Elevator Pitch

Once you let people know that you are looking for another job, you can expect the question: “What’s going on?” A good answer is your ‘Elevator Pitch’.

An elevator pitch for the purpose of your career change is a brief description of the role and organization you want to join, your work experience, and the contribution you want to make there. For example:

“I am looking for a financial management position at an early-stage company. I have ten years of experience in financial planning and would like to put in systems to help a growing company sustain its momentum. Do you have any suggestions?”

Some people may respond to your Elevator Pitch with questions. You could give a brief description of a contribution or two you have made and what you are looking for in a new employer emphasizing what you can contribute.

Develop your own Elevator Pitch and be enthusiastic when giving it. You never know who might have the contact to put you on the right path!

These ideas are from the book I wrote, CAREER CHANGE GUIDE, to help you find your best path.

To help you update your resume, here is a career change resume template I made.

To learn more, review this website.
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