Great Resignation? Great Reshuffle?

I wrote the book, CAREER CHANGE GUIDE, to help people who want to change careers. If you are looking to change jobs or do something different, CAREER CHANGE GUIDE is for you. My experience as an Executive Recruiter taught me that successful and happy career change requires serious thought and effort. I’ve outlined the steps in the book.

If you are involved in the Great Resignation or the Great Reshuffle, I encourage you to check out my videos about changing careers.

The first is a 12-minute discussion about the content of the book CAREER CHANGE GUIDE. It covers the main points of the book and explores the why and how behind some of them.

There are also short 1-2 minute videos on my YouTube channel (or here on my website video page) covering resumes, networking, and interviewing for career change.

This second video is about 2 minutes and in it I share a story about what I learned from my involvement with the Olympics over 40 years.

I wrote the book Career Change Guide to help you change careers successfully. Get more ideas from this website, or buy the book on Amazon.