Career Progress: Happy with yours?

A study done many years ago showed the following career progression as people age: 


  • a. Finding his/her own way.
  • b. Changing jobs several times looking for the right fit.
  • c. Performing basic tasks.


  • a. Choosing a career direction and focusing on “making it.”
  • b. Working to progress in responsibilities.
  • c. Getting established, becoming “own person.”
  • d. Working as a leader of a small group or a senior “doer.”


  • a. Having a management role at work.
  • b. Working as a senior professional.
  • c. Feeling a strong sense of self.
  • d. Possibly, rebalancing work, family, and community activities.

What stage are you in of your career’s progress? How do you feel about your career progression? If you want to make some changes, you would be wise to do a thoughtful self-analysis and get started.

The book I wrote, CAREER CHANGE GUIDE, could help you. It can guide you through a self-analysis and a successful career change. To learn more about career progress, check out this website. Or, see my YouTube interview with more ideas about making a career change.

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