Resume for Career Change – Competencies

Resume for Career Change – Competencies

Does your resume for career change contain your competencies?

If so, are competencies relevant to what you want to do in your new career, and are they supported by your achievements?

Your competencies should state your capabilities in a factual way without adjectives. The more competencies given, the less importance each will have. Too many gives the impression that the person lacks focus and has an inflated sense of what he/she can do well. Show two or three competencies at the most.

Remember that competencies come from having relevant skills, training, and experience to achieve specific results. For example,

‘Manage the financial affairs of an independent company’; ‘Achieve results through team members’ collaboration’; or ‘Identify high potential opportunities and develop marketing programs.’

To help you update our resume, here is a career change résumé template I made.

These ideas are from the book I wrote, CAREER CHANGE GUIDE, to help you find your own way.

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