Experience on Your Resume for Career Change

How well does the Experience section of your resume convey what you can do for an employer putting you on a new career path?

This section should be clear and concise. Accomplishments are by far the most important content of the experience on your resume. They should be brief and factual. Several positions at the same organization strengthen your resume, especially if your responsibilities and accomplishments increased.

Your accomplishments will have more impact if they are quantified, such as “increased sales 25%” or, “reduced expenses by $200,000.” This gives them more credibility. If an accomplishment was as a member of a team, saying so will show you are a team player.

Many people put activities under each job thinking that this helps describe what they did. Listing activities wastes space and detracts from what they accomplished.

To help you update our resume, I made a resume template based on the most successful candidates I’ve seen change careers successfully.

The ideas I share here are from the book I wrote, CAREER CHANGE GUIDE, to help you find your own way.

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Here is a part of an interview I did where I discussed resumes for career change.
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