#1 – New, Improved Career Change Blog Series Coming

First, thanks again for coming to my career change resources website. I wrote Career Change Guide a few years ago to help people who were ready to do something different.

As you may have noticed, we’ve given both the book and the website a facelift. After working with Ella Ritchie, it was decided that a new cover was in order. I want to thank Ella so much for her help. I feel like her help has been extremely valuable during this process. And of course Ryan from Interfanatic has been here from the beginning, too.

Career Change Guide - a career change book by Mike Schoettle - Career Change Blog
See how much my book has changed!

The New Career Change Blog

Over the coming months, I plan to post some new career change blog posts, perhaps in a slightly different way than I have in the past. Now, I’ll number each of my career change blog posts. This will make it easy for you to go back or forward as you find your place in the career change process. These career change blog posts will address my experience with the many different aspects of career change. There are four main steps you take as I show you how to change changes. I’ll touch on all those steps as I try to help you change careers.

The book is packed with ideas from my many years helping people change careers, which I’ve been doing for decades. I’ve worked with people changing careers any any age and at all levels, and can help you.

Keep an eye on my Linkedin and here on my career change blog for the coming months. And in the mean time, check out all the free career change resources including my recommended actions that pair with my book to take you step by step how to change careers. They act as a very thorough preview for my book. And if you’re ready to get serious, get my career change book Career Change Guide.

I look forward to helping you change careers and get on track for a better life for you.

Mike Schoettle
Author, Career Change Guide