What Can You Contribute – Two Stories

Two Short Stories About Contribution

I’ve included two stories for you to ponder. They are from CAREER CHANGE GUIDE and they highlight peoples’ ways of making contributions at work. I’ve added them to help you think about that question: What can you contribute by changing careers? How does your contribution change? What do you want to contribute?

A woman was working in the product development department of a cosmetic and skin care company. She was disappointed when a new department manager without technical experience was appointed to be her boss. This upset the woman, and she thought about quitting but decided stick it out instead. She took it upon herself to help her boss and in doing so improve the productivity of her department.

The next week the woman met with her boss and offered to explain the programs underway. He accepted her offer and appreciated the help. After a few months, her new boss promoted the woman. She had made a significant impact to the productivity of the department, and she was happier with her job and work than she had ever been.

What are you doing to help your boss achieve what he/she feels is important?

Someone at any level in an organization can have a sense of the greater world in which they work.

Years ago, when President Kennedy was touring Cape Canaveral, he asked a janitor what he was doing. The janitor answered,“Mister President,I am helping put a man on the moon.”

What is your perspective about the results of your work? How are they altered when you change career? What have you contributed, and what can you contribute going forward? What do you want to contribute? Changing careers is your opportunity to get on the right path.

I wrote the book Career Change Guide to help you understand what you want to contribute in your job, in your career, and in your life. The book helps you answer the question, “what can you contribute?” Get more ideas from this website, or buy the book on Amazon.