Career Change Guide

Career Change Guide

Is it time for a career change?

How do you feel about the work you are doing and the organization where you are working? Are you bored and doing an OK job? Are you looking for a new job? If so, view this moment as an opportunity. Be curious, even optimistic. You are embarking on an exploration.

You are not alone. Many people have been in your situation. They have felt disappointed, scared, ambitious, motivated, and hopeful. Many have come out in more appropriate and fulfilling situations. You can too.

This is the introduction from my book, CAREER CHANGE GUIDE. I wrote it, using my experience in life as an executive recruiter, US Olympian, and professional, to help people change careers more successfully. It takes a lot of work, but it’s always worth it. Take some time to preview my book, watch my videos, and learn from me how to change careers successfully. Thank you for coming! I hope you find this helpful as you get on the right path.

Mike Schoettle, author – CAREER CHANGE GUIDE

I have spent many years working with people making career changes, including high-level executives, EMBA’s, and former drug dealers, just out of prison, seeking employment in a legitimate organization. I have learned that the process is similar for people at all levels in the workplace and to do this well one must devote a lot of thought and effort to it.

The most important part of a job search, especially involving a career change, is to develop an in depth understanding of your values. They are at the core of who you are and come into play in everything you do. Values are more complex and nuanced then they appear. Having a meaningful understanding of yours is critical to identifying, joining, and working in an organization that is right for you.

Second, meet and develop good relationships with people you respect and have similar values as you to identify opportunities and get their thoughts and referrals. Those to whom they refer you will also have similar values as you and will want to help you. This process is the way most people find jobs.

Third, when interviewing potential employers, make an extra effort to get to know the people, especially their values and what they are doing. If you identify with them and feel good about what you would do there, join them. You will likely be happy there and do well.

This book begins by helping you develop an in-depth understanding of your values, what you do well, and what you want to do. It then guides you through planning your search, preparing your resume, networking, interviewing, getting an offer, and starting at the new organization. The chapters contain ideas for accomplishing each step, stories of people who have taken the step, and recommended actions.

In reading this book, first look at the table of contents and thumb through the book to get a feel for what is in it. Give the first section a thoughtful read and do the Recommended Actions, for they form the foundation for whatever you do. Then proceed with the chapters in the order that makes sense for you.

To get the most benefit from this book, take notes immediately after reading each chapter while your thoughts are fresh. If you like, you can go to see the recommended actions for each chapter.

Don’t forget to check out my blog, which encapsulates key ideas from the book.

Again, thank you for coming! I hope my book helps you to get on the right path – one that will be more fulfilling and help you feel more successful, better about who you’re working with, and what you’re doing.

Mike Schoettle, author – CAREER CHANGE GUIDE

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