Career Change Guide – Reviews

I have included a few reviews of Career Change Guide – so you don’t have to take it from just me!

This author offers really useful information from soup to nuts, with humor, anecdotes, and practical advice. His years spent in the headhunting business afford insight not often found in books on this subject. He offers both advice and exercises that make one think seriously about how to fit your passion into your work, so that work becomes your passion and joy. I have passed this on to my friends and family who are in the middle of trying to figure out what to do next after being locked down for so long. It is really timely. Good job


This is a concise yet thorough discussion of the intricacies of navigating the job market. While oriented to those seeking career changes, it is equally applicable to those entering the job market.
The author’s primary emphasis is knowledge of one’s self, one’s values and following one’s interests and passions in securing satisfying employment.
The book is well organized and well written. It contains a wealth of information which has served the author well during his years of career counseling.

George R.

I liked the practical advice for managing and planning my career. I found the book useful in managing my current employment as well as evaluating my future career moves. The advice to find a mentor as well as networking even while not currently looking for a career change is great advice.

I found the book very easy to read with easy to follow advice. Even better, I will use the book as a reference tool in the future as it is divided into chapters that lead through the career assessment and change a step at a time.

L. Jordan

Mike Schoettle has called on his decades of experience with executive searches and counseling people on career changes to produce a very useful and easily readable guide for anyone considering a career change. This book provides a wealth of information for anyone who is considering a new job, or a new line of work, from the young graduate approaching a first interview to the veteran who might want a refresher course and a package of wise tips. It’s a useful and valuable companion to anyone throughout the lifelong process of contemplating what might lie ahead.

R. Hall

Well written, with a concise, easy to follow, step by step action plan for uncovering your core values. I took the lessons learned from the book as an invaluable guide for all of life. Aligning your actions with your core values can be a strong, positive influence adding to a greater sense of fulfillment in your career, as well as in many facets of life. I highly recommend.

Charlie R.

I wish this book had been published 13 years ago when I began teaching Career Development at a local Business school. The book is short, easy to understand and straightforward. Most of what is used today in our educational institutions is too complicated, repetitive and short on corporate savvy. Using values as the centerpiece provides real value to the reader.

R. Gerevas

Although I am not contemplating a career change, I found the information in Mr Schoettle’s Career Change Guide useful and informative on a completely different level: for interviewing potential employees, for personnel management, and for interviewing potential clients. The book is informative and concise and gets right to the point. It’s a recommended read.

Russ B.

The content of this book is very insightful yet accessible at the same time. It is a great guide for anyone even considering a career switch. It’s more than just about getting a “better job.” It’s about finding the right fit and what to consider in that search.

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