#24 – Free Career Change Resume Template: Education in Your Successful Career Change Resume

When editing your resume while changing careers, how do you present your education? 

Free Career Change Resources - Free Career Change Resume Template - Career Change Guide, a career change book by Michael Schoettle
Free Career Change Resume TemplateCareer Change Guide, one of the career change books you should read by Mike Schoettle

The Education Section should show the institution(s) where you studied, and year(s) attended, or degrees received.

If you did not graduate, say, “Years attended”. There’s a very good reason for this, as there is for all things I suggest. To understand the reasons behind my advice and to help you make an even better resume, get the book.

Free Career Change Resume Template: A Free Career Change Resource for You

To help you update our resume, I made a resume template based on the most successful candidates who changed careers successfully.

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