Mike Schoettle

#34 – How to Change Careers: Networking for Career Change

What do you say to people when networking for career change? The short answer is, put together an elevator pitch for your career change. Networking is a crucial aspect of navigating how to change careers. What you say and who you say it to are important aspects of a successful career change.
In Career Change Guide, Section 2, Chapter 7, I discuss this. The book explains what has worked well for others, and it has step by step recommended actions.

#28 – Career Change Videos For The Win – Get Your Independence with Career Change

In addition to utilizing your core values in identifying people with whom you want to work, use them to decide who or what you want your work to benefit. Career Change Guide shows you how to identify your core values and use them to power your successful career change. Watch the Career Change Guide short career change videos to start, or get Career Change Guide and start reading.