#29 – Values Based Career Change: How to Succeed

The basis of Career Change Guide is helping you understand who you are, your values, and who you want to work with. Once you know that, you can proceed confidently through the rest of the steps in the book. Read Career Change Guide to learn how to make a values-based career change successful.

Career Change Videos - Why Career Change Guide - values-based career change resources by Mike Schoettle
Career Change Videos – Why Career Change Guide – free career changing resources by Mike Schoettle

Career Change Videos: Values Based Career Change For The Win

Begin by thinking about who you know well from both your working and personal lives. Then ask yourself which ones do you feel close to and respect the most and why do you feel this way about them. Your answer to this question will contain values that are important to you. This is one way. There are others. To get started on a values based career change, watch the career change video: “Why I Wrote Career Change Guide” on the Career Change Guide YouTube channel.

Then read Chapter One of Career Change Guide and take your time working through the recommended actions. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a better understanding of yourself and what you want. Keep reading Career Change Guide and go through the rest of the steps to complete your successful values-based career change.

Keep reading these blogs for career change tips to learn how to make your values based career change at any age. Buy this career book from Amazon if you want more in-depth stories, ideas, and examples of people who have used them. Also, check out the rest of this website for free career change resources, career change videos, and the free career change resume template.