#31 – How To: Successful Networking for Career Change – Strategies and Starting Points

The basis of Career Change Guide is helping you understand who you are, your values, and who you want to work with. Once you know that, you can proceed confidently through the rest of the steps in the book. Read Career Change Guide to learn how to make a values-based career change successful.

As is always the case, there is far greater detail in the book. But here’s a taste of what you’ll find after buying and reading Career Change Guide.

Values Based Career Change: Success in Networking for Career Change 

First, start with who you know. Who do you know in your new chosen career field? Who do you already know who might be able to help you change careers successfully? Perhaps you know somebody who has the job you want. Perhaps you know somebody at a company you’d like to join. These are great places to start when networking for career change. Talk to people in the career you want to change to so you can learn more about the field and the job. Find out what the people are really like. Find out what the companies are really like.

If you don’t know anybody, how can you meet them? Sometimes it’s as simple as making a phone call or writing an email or letter.  The key is talking to people and showing your excitement for what you’re doing. Be confident when you explain your career change and when word starts to get out, you’ll find people willing to help you.

Once you understand your own values, it’s important you find an organization that shares those values. Not just the company, but the team you’ll be on. When you reach the interview phase with a company, prepare to ask the right questions to make sure the company and the team you’ll be on share your values. Interviewing for career change properly will help you get on the right path.

Career Change Videos - Networking for Career Change - free career changing resources by Mike Schoettle
Career Change Videos – Networking for Career Change – free career changing resources by Mike Schoettle

Career Change Videos: Success inNetworking for Career Change

To start, watch the career change video: “Networking for Career Change” on the Career Change Guide YouTube channel. It gives more insights about networking while working toward career change. This short video covers some basics but it’s not the same as reading the book. The book contains detailed helpful information about changing careers. Watch the video and see what you can learn. Then read the book to get more in-depth insights into successful networking for career change.

Keep reading these blogs for career change tips to learn how to change careers. Buy this career change book from Amazon if you want more in-depth stories, ideas, and examples of people who have used them. Also, check out the rest of this website for free career change resources, career change videos, and the free career change resume template.