#36 – Changing Careers To Make the Greatest Difference

As I explain in Career Change Guide, you must first have a good understanding of yourself before you begin changing careers. I take you through all the steps in the book. The one we’ll touch on briefly today is your career skills. There’s a lot more detail about how to change careers successfully in the book.

How do I go about changing careers so I can make a difference?

Here’s a job interview tip: interview the company. When you’re trying to make a difference, it’s important to find not only the right career, but to have the right company around you.

If you haven’t yet, read all of Career Change Guide: Section 3, Chapters 9, 10, and 11. It leads you through the full interview process and helps you prepare for success changing careers. Chapter 9 is all about job Interview preparation. Chapter 10 digs into The Classic Job Interview. Chapter 11 even covers Other Interview Situations.

The main idea here is to interview the company. Generally speaking, when most people change jobs, they do so because the opportunity presents itself. When you’re changing careers, you should take your time to ensure you’re getting on the right path. You want the right job where you can make the lasting difference you want to make. You need to interview the company so you can find out if they have the right environment where you will thrive.

Career Change Videos - Interviewing for Career Change - free resources for changing careers to make the greatest positive difference by Mike Schoettle
Interviewing while Changing Careers to make the greatest difference – free resources for changing careers, by Mike Schoettle

There’s more detail and guidance in Career Change Guide, so get the book and review the details. If you want to understand changing careers successfully, first you need to understand yourself. Career Change Guide leads you through every step of the process. Follow the Recommended Actions and figure out how to change careers successfully.

Keep reading these blogs for career change tips to learn how to self-assess and understand the career skills you need and already have for career change. Buy one of the best career change books from Amazon if you want more in-depth stories, ideas, and examples of people who have used them. Also, check out the rest of this website for free career change resources, career change videos, and the free career change resume template.