Career Change Guide – Understand Yourself Better

As I explain in Career Change Guide, you must first have a good understanding of yourself before you begin changing careers. I take you through all the steps in the book. There’s a lot more detail about how to change careers successfully in the book.

Career Change Guide: What Important to You? What Do You Value?

Without question, the most important thing to know is what is most important to you, what you value. This has multiple dimensions:

  1. Core values, such as honesty, caring for others, and fidelity. These are the basis of who we are, understanding others, and having good relationships.
  2. Personal considerations, such as concern about people we love, our spouse, children, siblings, and parents.
  3. Identity with groups where we are members, such as faith-based ones, community service, work colleagues, and teammates.
  4. Work environments where we feel most comfortable, such as collaborative or competitive, action oriented or thoughtful/academic.

Understanding your values is both an analytical and emotional/intuitive experience. Having this understanding takes a lot of thoughtful self-analysis and communication with those who one respects the most.

What are you doing to understand yourself on these dimensions?

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