#6 – CAREER CHANGE GUIDE: Core Values Ignite Career Change

When considering your Core Values and how they may impact your career change, it is often helpful to learn how someone else made career decisions based on his/her Core Values. John Kroger’s career choices after graduating from law school is one example.

In Career Change Guide, I share the full story of John Kroger. He was a very interesting and important man, and he let his Core Values guide his career choices so he could feel happier and more fulfilled. You can do the same. Read his story and learn from it.

Kroger’s Core Value of Social Consciousness drove his career choices. How do your Core Values impact your career choices, including your impending career change?

Career Change Guide, a carreer change book by Mike Schoettle

Identify Your Core Values Using Career Change Guide

If you have not already done so, identify your Core Values, especially the ones that are most important to you. I show you how to do that in the career change book Career Change Guide. Part of Section One are Recommended Actions I have listed on this site. These Recommended Actions are part of the free career change resources I put on the site to help you learn how to change careers at any age.

Keep reading my blog for more career change tips from my book, Career Change Guide. Buy Career Change Guide on Amazon for yourself or someone you know. And check out this website for free career change resources, career change videos, and a career change resume template.